My youngest sister had been making small wonders of cakes for friends, family and acquaintances. It was about time to put this on display in the digital world. So you too can enjoy the craving for cake ... digitally.

Branding / Interactive / Production / Print
Zoetvanmij zoetvanmij branded89


Since it had to be an online showcase of all cakes, cupcakes, cakepops and other baked treats, the main focus of the website was set on the image gallery. A large display and a fullscreen slideshow was the result. And to make it even easier for future customers, why not add a bit of e-commerce to it as well?

Zoetvanmij zoetvanmij branded89
Zoetvanmij zoetvanmij branded89

The idea

She had thought of the name Zoetvanmij after considering about 10.000 other options. And with a name that sweet it just called for some bright jolly colours. Orange was the first thing that came to her mind. To create a bit of contrast and enlarge the brightness the second color was blue, which is the complementary color to orange.

Zoetvanmij zoetvanmij branded89


A clean, bright and sweet website was the result of designing and developing this little online showcase. But because an identity isn't complete without matching business cards, she now has those little matchmakers to hand out to everyone!

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