Haag Uit

Every year a bunch of students organize an introduction for new students at the Academy of ICT & Media at the The Hague University. One big party! Nothing is compulsory, anything goes!

Design / Interactive
Haag Uit haaguit branded89


The website was already running on a stable content management system, so I only had to focus on the design and frontend interaction. After creating the design and getting the approval of the students I transfered the design to the website with some help of the developer of the current website.

Haag Uit haaguit branded89
Haag Uit haaguit branded89

The idea

The request was actually to only update the content of the current website. But I wouldn't be me if I had some ideas of my own to redesign the website. They gave me all the space I needed so I could really let myself loose.

Haag Uit haaguit branded89


After deploying the new website it was a significant improvement. The website now has a more cheerful overall look and it really works itself to show the future nerds what Haag Uit is all about.

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