De Hobbelhoek

De Hobbelhoek is a small preschool located in Voorburg, The Hague. They offer daytime care for children and help them develop during their early years.

Design / Interactive / Production
De Hobbelhoek dehobbelhoek branded89


Because they had no clear requirements regarding the design of the new website, they had given me all the freedom in this process. The only thing they knew for sure was that the website had to be clean and modern. And to make it easier to manage the content of the website, a hand-made content management dashboard was developed.

De Hobbelhoek dehobbelhoek branded89
De Hobbelhoek dehobbelhoek branded89

The idea

The previous online identity of De Hobbelhoek was pretty much outdated. The design, the interaction design and the user experience were in need of a big improvement. And with the technology and developments in the big world of the world wide web a bunch of new features have been added like the photogallery and the slideshow.

De Hobbelhoek dehobbelhoek branded89


The new website of De Hobbelhoek was finally designed and developed in blocks and a grid. The use of light, easy colors and the clean build in the web pages ensures that the site generally has a peaceful look.

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